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Wreck Creation Rage Room

Rage Room - it's the latest craze!  Book a Smash Session now at rageroomnearme!

Smashing is FUN!

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Walk-in sessions are not guaranteed

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When I first heard the words 'let's go to a Rage Room', I never thought it would change my life!

I remember walking into a Session for the first time.  I felt a little weird, awkward and excited.  This is not what my mom told me was ok behavior!

But, as it turns out, it IS ok a Smash Session!

I laughed as I threw glasses against the wall.  I laughed even harder when I missed hitting the printer that was on the floor (I mean, really, who misses something on the floor with a bat?) By the time we were done I was spent!  I felt great!

At Wreck Creation you can be a part of the action by booking a session online or by walking in.  Parties and events are hosted regularly, so call to book your next event soon.  We can create custom art or reserve special items that we have in stock for your session.