Answers to Your Questions Here!

What is the minimum age allowed to break things?Children as young as seven.  

Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times and their waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Yes we take walk-ins...but...We love to see you...but understand that walking in is not guranteed

What do I need to wear?Closed toe shoes and fully covered arms & legs is what we need to keep you safe!  We have hazmat suits available for purchase, but most people like to wear their own items.

What's are your hours?Friday 3:00-7:00
Saturday noon - 8:00
Sunday Call for Availability

We can accommodate parties 5+ outside of these hours.  Call to set up your time!

What is in a smash session?The Standard Smash Package includes 5 small items, 5 medium items and 1 large item.  Options to add Plus Package and Premium items are available to select while booking.

What kinds of things can I break?We have a wide selection of items; glassware, bottles, electronics and furniture, appliances and sometimes even toilets; to name a few.

How many people can attend?We can fit up to 10 people in our party room.  We can rent the entire facility for your special occasions, but of course, come in and enjoy sessions with a few friends or even by yourself when the mood strikes you.